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International Gem Society

Students of the International Gem Society have voiced many complaints about the problems with the IGS education programs. They have no instructors and no student support. Their title is not recognized by any professional gemology organization. And the gemological credentials of their founder have been called into question due to there being no verification that those credentials exist. While a great resource for general gemology information, the IGS Certified Gemology Professional is the result of a diploma mill that is not a recognized or accepted education program.


Overall Rating: 

Tuition Cost:

Quality of Course Programs:

Quality of Instructors: No Instructors

Course Updates and Freshness:

Instructor to Student Ratio: No Instructors

Depth of Course Programs:

Depth of Practical Programs: No Practicals

Reported Quality of Student Experience:

Availability of Assistance for Online Students: None

Student After-Graduation Support : None


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