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Welcome to Gemology School Reviews.

This website is established and maintained by professionals in the international gemological profession to provide quality information about gemology schools to potential students. Click on the images below to read the reviews of the world’s finest gemology schools and institutes and learn about some websites claiming schools but lacking proper credentials and programs.

Click on the school icon to visit their individual pages and learn more about their programs.



Asia Institute of Gemological Sciences is one of the foremost schools for colored gemstones.



Canadian Institute of Gemmology excels in both education and technical advancements in gemological tools and testing.



The Gemmological Association of Australia is one of the best all-round programs in professional gemology education.




The Gemmological Association of Great Britain is the world’s oldest and most respected education program.




The Gemological Institute of America is the largest and wealthiest gemology organization in the world.



Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology at Paris Junior College was the first gemology school to prove smaller schools can have the biggest programs. Outstanding education opportunity in many phases of gemology and jewelry production.



International Gemological Institute is a world leader in education and gemological lab testing. Widely used around the world.






The International School of Gemology is the only gemology school with courses certified and recognized by the U.S. and international insurance industry.





George Brown College offers one of the best gemology programs on a smaller and more personal level.






Diamond Council of America provide the finest jewelry knowledge and sales training in the world. No one else comes close.




Gemmological Institute of Montreal has a long established history of being one of the top gemological schools in North America


Gemmological Institute of India is one of the fastest growing centers for high quality gemological education in India




The Swiss Gemmological Institute is the most trusted European gem lab, and offers the finest classes in a variety of gem studies.




HRD Antwerp is the center of the world diamond markets with courses in diamond rough sorting and grading that are only found here.




World Gem Foundation is a fast growing gemology education organization that is provide quality education to places other cannot go.



Birmingham City University is the only place in the world where you can earn a university degree in gemology. The finest gemology education to be found.