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George Brown College

This fantastic program proves that you don’t have to go to a big, famous school or pay huge tuition fees to get a quality education in gemology. Located in Toronto, Canada, this gemology program may not be a household name, but the quality of its program has made them well known in the gemology education world for decades. George Brown College has been turning out some of the top gemologists in the world for over 30 years. They offer instructors with the world’s top gemology credentials who provide a world-class education.

The George Brown College Gemmology Program (F105) provides the student with eight courses that cover all aspects of gem identification, diamond grading, jewelry business knowledge, the history of the jewelry industry, jewelry appraisal, and more. I have heard of this excellent program for years from other industry professionals. The quality of graduates from the George Brown College gemology program confirms that reputation. The program is two semesters long and is one of the more affordable gemology schools, particularly when considering the high quality of the program. If you like a classroom learning environment working with great people who will give you an education with a proven success rate, George Brown College is well worth your time to review.

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