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Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America is the most recognized gemological institute in the world, with a high tuition price that matches the highly recognized credentials. Graduates can anticipate job advantages over other candidates by holding the GIA Graduate Gemologist title. The prestige of the GIA name and program is considered the finest in the world. Weaknesses include a tuition cost that is considered extremely high, a lack of after-graduation support, and a program that lacks in-depth training in synthetics or appraisal. Students also report a problem with the travel and related costs for distance education students to meet the requirements of attending lab classes with the GIA. Potential students should remember that the GIA’s primary purpose is to produce their Diamond Grading Reports for the diamond market. Less than 10% of their education revenue is generated from education, which leaves many students wondering about the poor services in some areas.

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