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Gemmological Institute of Montreal

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This French-Canadian gemological institute is one of the premier in the world. Closely allied with the Gem-A in London and the Canadian Gemmological Association, we are fortunate enough to have visitors from the EGM to visit us from time to time. They have a variety of courses available that are all outstanding.

The Gemmological Institute of Montreal offers a wide range of training courses, from the basics of gemmology to the most technical and in-depth. In the field of advanced gemmology, the EGM prepares students to obtain the WGF Career Gemmologist Diploma. This training is intended for students with no prerequisites in gemmology but with a minimum academic level of CEGEP or equivalent abroad. It can be taken in an à la carte format where each module can be taken after the other without time constraints.

EGM offers a diploma focused on diamond knowledge: WGF Diamond Professional. The training is offered on an à la carte basis. It is intended for everyone, and does not require any knowledge in gemmology. The interested parties must however have a minimum school level required (Cegep in Quebec or equivalent).


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