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Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences

The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences offers one of the finest and most complete education in colored gemstones available anywhere in the world.  Owing to their proximity to the colored gemstone-producing fields of Asia and their long history of quality education, when you put the two together, you have an outstanding program that is second to none in the world. The AIGS course listings include the most complete program in all aspects of gemology of any gemological institute. When the quality of their gemological lab is also considered, the AIGS is simply the total package for anyone with the time and finances to study in Thailand. Weaknesses are few, with the cost of tuition and time required being the only serious issues. These costs will be well justified for those seriously considering a professional career in gemology. Beyond that relatively minor issue, the AIGS is by all accounts one of the top gemology institutes in the world.


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