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Gemmological Institute of India

In the year 1971, for the first time, the seed of Gemmology was sown in the country by the Gemmological Institute of India and today GII is proud to state that the courses offered by the institute are at par with any such courses offered elsewhere in the world.

Your successful Career in the Gems & Jewellery Industry Starts at GII.

GII has been India’s leading gemology authority–where people turn for answers. Our educational courses are designed according to the professional standards for the global gem and jewelry industry. So if you’re passionate about gems and jewellery and looking for a rich and rewarding career, GII education is the place to begin with.

You’ll learn, practice, and then learn some more. The various courses equip you to identify hundreds of common and unusual gemstones and detect the latest treatments and synthetics.
Under the trained and experienced eye of the GII instructors, students train with actual diamonds and gemstones. The tried and tested methods of learning provide a solid foundation of knowledge of diamonds and all other gemstones that will serve you throughout your career.
At the end of our diploma program, you will have the grading and identification skills to become a buyer, appraiser, retailer, and senior professional across the entire spectrum of the gem and jewelry industry. You may Buy and sell diamonds and colored stones effectively by understanding how external market factors affect the value of jewelry.


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