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International School of Gemology

The ISG was founded for the specific purpose of providing gemology and jewelry appraisal education at a tuition cost that would be more affordable to more people. Their program is directed toward the jewelry appraisal profession since they are also certified education providers by the Unites States insurance industry. Although many consider them to be new in the gemology education industry, they have just completed 10 years of operations that have included some noteworthy accomplishments. It has been reported by several industry websites that the ISG program is superior to the other distance education schools. Weaknesses include a small support staff due to their low tuition, a very limited program of practical experience due to a limited requirement for hands-on training. The ISG has also been involved in several consumer protection efforts that have left them with adversaries in various parts of the industry. As a result there are at least two internet websites that purposefully attack the ISG in an effort to retaliate for their efforts with consumer protection. The ISG is the only distance education gemology school to offer appraisal training and require a two year recertification of their diplomas. It is also the only gemology school that produces certified courses for the US insurance industry license divisions.

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