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Gemmological Association of Great Britain

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) is considered the highest gemological credential that can be attained worldwide, equal to a Ph.D. in gemology by some accounts. The Gemmological Association of Great Britain is the world’s oldest gemological education organization and offers the most in-depth education from a scientific view. The title of FGA (Fellow of the Gem-A) is rated as the highest gemology credential one can attain. Weaknesses include an ongoing lack of financial support from the industry that has caused this world-class organization to be rated as a “charity” in the last report. Program is far more scientifically oriented so students should consider whether they seek a scientific education in gemology or one most directed to the professional side where more jobs will be available in the market. International students have reported long delays in getting assistance from tutors and longer delays in getting papers graded and returned.

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