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Diamond Council of America

The Diamond Council of America DCA Learn has transformed tremendously since Terry Chandler stepped in as president. DCA Learn is the program every jewelry store owner needs for their employees. This is the most outstanding program for the retail jewelry industry on the market….at any price. The Diamonds Course and Colored Stones Course offer a complete education in gemology and jewelry on the level required for retail jewelry professionals. GCR recently had the opportunity to review the program courses, and it is one of the few programs with such a high level of standards in the industry.

The Diamonds Course takes the student through all of the steps of how diamonds get from the mines to the retail jewelry stores. And then goes on to provide everything the retail jewelry professional needs to know to provide world class service to the diamond-buying consumer.

The Colored Gemstone Course gives a complete overview of the world of colored gemstones in such a manner that it allows the retail jeweler to offer a professional and knowledgeable presentation to consumers while at the same time keeping it on a consumer-friendly level of knowledge and understanding. If anyone is considering a career move into the jewelry industry, the DCA training is the best you will find.


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