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How To Choose a Gemology School

Gemologist. That name brings visions of world travel to exotic places, beautiful gemstones, jewelry, and a lifestyle that can take one anywhere they want to go. And…you would be right. The field of gemology opens so many doors to so many places and people that once the study is begun, it can lead you anywhere you want to go. But it takes study and practice. There are no easy ways to become a professional quality gemologist. There are many places like Jewelry Television that try to tell customers that all they need to do is buy a few gem instruments and read a couple of books, and they will become gemologists. Sure, they are gemologists. But that level of study will not make you an industry-leading professional gemologist. For that, it takes time, study, and patience. And above all, practice, practice, practice. Go to the gem shows. Attend your local gem and mineral society meetings. Anywhere you can get experience and knowledge is the place you want to start. Talk to the people and look at the gemstones, minerals, and crystals. Get to know them all as they are important in your career advancement. Then, when you are ready, enroll in a quality gemology program. But how do you choose which gemology school is right for you? That is where we come in. The information on this website has been gleaned from the experiences of many professional gemologists who work in the industry around the world. The schools here almost all specialize in one area of another. For that reason, as you progress with your career, you will want to study with more than one school. The more education you receive the higher you will go in your gemology career. The key is to start. Start working now toward that goal of becoming a professional gemologist. By being here and investigating the schools you have made a great start. Now, take some time and review each, watch the videos, and visit their websites to learn more. Most are outstanding education organizations. But be careful, there are a few to watch out for. Here are a few steps to use to identify a quality gemology education program:

  1. Look for the credentials of the school. What organizations recognize the school as a quality education organization?
  2. Look for the credentials of your instructor. Instructors are very important to your education, so you want to be sure that the person teaching you has earned that status.
  3. Talk to graduates of the school. Graduates will tell you more honestly about their experiences than anyone else. It is a vital resource.
  4. Read the reviews in the Better Business Bureau sites. We all know that places like Google have reviews that competitors and trolls can easily fake. The BBB is the one place where reviews are verified. That is the place to look for problems or to read positive reviews.
  5. Talk to the school representative. Spend some time asking questions and getting clarification on any issues.

If you will take these 5 steps in evaluating a gemology school of interest and follow the reviews on this website, we are confident you will have a great start on a career in this amazing profession.

Let us know if we can help along the way.

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